This Is Overstrand

Overstrand in 1838

A tithe map was drawn for Overstrand in 1838. A year later, the 'Apportionment', the document with information about the land on the map, was drawn up. Both map and apportionment can now be seen in the Norfolk Record Office.

We've used these two documents to provide the maps on this page. Use one of the buttons on the left at a time. Use the Google drop-down menu on the right hand button to choose the type of map you'd like to have in the background.

Land Use 1838 is colour coded to show the 'State of Cultivation' of the field as listed in the Apportionment of 1839. To check what the colours mean, click on a field or plot.

Land Owners 1838 is colour coded to show the owner of that land in 1838. To see the name of the owner, click on the field or plot.

Lands and Premises 1838 shows just the boundaries of the plots, so that you can see the features on the map. For details of a plot, click anywhere on it.

The tithe map from which the data were drawn was rediscovered in a Dereham antique shop in the 1920s. One of the points of interest to the finder was the way the map showed the loss of land to the sea.

The view uses Google Maps. If you select 'Satellite' from the left-hand option on the map, you'll see the 1838 coastline overlaid on today's cliffs.